Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colossal, Versatile Cupcake Carrier

Do you hate to transport cupcakes and cake as much as I do?  It seems like the frosting always gets messed up.  You feel like you need to cover whatever you're bringing, but plastic wrap and toothpicks isn't a very efficient or attractive way to keep the frosting intact.

Look what I bought for ten bucks at Costco the other day!  Problem solved!

This has enough room for 3 layers of 12 cupcakes each--a whopping 36 cupcakes total!

I wish I had owned this when my kids still had birthday parties at school and belonged to Scouts, etc. where we often brought snacks.  Regardless, this is still a useful container because in addition to transporting cupcakes and muffins, it can be used as a cake carrier (2-layer or up to 9x13" rectangle) and even a cookie carrier.

There are three plastic sheets that go over the cupcake wells to create a more "solid" layer.

I think this is going to get a lot of use when I bring food elsewhere, which is quite often!  This could, of course, also be used to carry things other than sweets: side dishes or appetizers, for example.  This unit is very well designed, so there shouldn't be any unpleasant spills.

lid clamps down
handle is molded in

 Do you have any tips for transporting food neatly and/or creatively?


Kristin said...

this is the coolest cupcake carrier!! i had the call the hubs over so he could look at it! :D

i definitely have to go get one! they're about $34 on amazon... is it any cheaper at costco? and do the inserts come with?!

Vicki V @ said...

Kristin, this was $10 at Costco! I couldn't believe it because I've been looking at them for awhile. And yes, everything I showed comes with it.

Kristin said...

$10!?! i need to get my booty to costco asap! :D thanks so much, vicki!

Chantal said...

That is so neat! I will need to get one. So tired of mushed icing!!