Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Do Your Beauty Products Say About YOU?

January almost did me in.  In addition to a Milestone Birthday, I endured a hellacious month on the job.  Accountants everywhere dread January because usually the previous year's books are reviewed ad infinitum and finally closed.   This is a long, tedious process.  But wait.  I also had the auditors in the office, and my boss decided we should start on a software conversion!  I went for a couple of deep tissue massages just so that I could get through the month.

So I was looking at my beauty products today and happened to notice a certain THEME running through them:

Yup, kinked mind, kinked body...I hope things straighten out soon.

What do your beauty products say about you?

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Sincerely said...

Thank you for the comment! I was reading through your recipes and I love love love anything lemon, so I might have to try your lemon bar recipe next time I find enough time to bake from scratch!