Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Things

This morning I had every intention of Springing into action, stripping the wallpaper from our downstairs bathroom.  But I got distracted.  I have home decor accessories for each season, and I started digging in to the Spring things.  That's a whole lot more fun than stripping wallpaper.

Here's my dining room sideboard all gussied up for Spring:

The large vintage watering can was given to me by my Dad probably about 15 years ago.  I admired it when I was home once, and he gave it to me.  He didn't understand why I loved it so, but he knew I had an appreciation for older, useful pieces.

I treasure it because my Dad is gone now.  I softened the look and provided contrast with the vintage lace hanky.

I love the spout on this, paint drip and all!
The two smaller watering cans aren't vintage, but they sure look like they are!  It's amazing how "aged" new things can look even more vintage than the real thing!

I got the small green plates and wire cloche from HomeGoods this year.  My little white Dollar Tree bird is peeking out.

The small wooden garden trug is so sweet! 

Love!  I hope to put some real hydrangeas in once they 

I turned the trug around because I thought there were too many competing "words" otherwise.

The flipside

And what is Spring without birds, eggs, and nests?!

I know that Spring has arrived when I awaken to a heavenly chorus of bird songs and when I catch a glimpse of the mourning doves on our fence.   It seems that every year we have a bird family or three building nests in our live oak trees.  It's Bird Drama.  We have had to rescue baby birds that have fallen out of the nest, baby birds that can't seem to fly, egg-laden nests that fall out of trees...

But seeing this whole drama reinforces how dependent I am on my Heavenly Father.  He provides for me, shelters me, and rescues me when I fall.  I am nothing without Him.
How priceless is your unfailing love!
  Both high and low among men find
    refuge in the shadow of your wings. (Psalm 36:7)
Hallelujah!  Now that's something to sing about! 

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