Friday, August 12, 2011

Party Central

I have a beautiful armoire in my foyer that I bought over a dozen years ago, before the rise of flat-screen TV's.  This piece was purchased to hold a large, deep and heavy TV.  It wasn't built to be an entertainment center per se' but instead has long, undivided shelves similar to what you would see on an antique armoire.

We've moved since purchasing this piece, and we have built-ins in our living area that hold our flat-screen TV.  This armoire has had a bit of an identity crisis ever since and has become a dumping ground for miscellaneous "stuff."  And getting to that "stuff" is no fun.

It occurred to me recently when I was looking at my multiple piles of "stuff" that this armoire would be a good place to store anything and everything related to entertaining:  candlesticks and candles, paper goods, table linens, wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon.  I had these items scattered in several different areas; it always frazzles me when I host (or attend!) a party because I  have to scrounge through the house looking for what I need.  Then it's the Stressed Nest, not the Blest Nest!

I thought about hiring a carpenter to build some drawers or put some dividers into this piece, but I knew that would be pricey.  It wasn't worth it to me to incur that expense.  I knew that drawers would be the most useful so that I wouldn't have to load and unload bins from the shelves, looking for what I want.  Been there, done that.  So I went to Walmart and found these cool modular storage units from Sterilite that fit the bill perfectly!

There are narrow, medium and large drawers that can be configured in a number of combinations to suit whatever application you have.  I bought 2 large tall drawers, 2 medium tall drawers, and 3 narrow drawers.  Total cost was about $75, but they fit just perfectly on the top shelf of my armoire and have added so much functionality!

I loaded up my candles and candlesticks in the large drawers.  (I think I may be a candle hoarder.)

Tissue paper, bows, ribbon, tags, tape and scissors are stashed in the medium and small drawers so that it is easy to wrap an impromptu gift.

On the second shelf, I have table linens galore (napkins, tablecloths, and placements).  Now I need to have a dinner party!

On the bottom shelf are two file boxes (also Sterilite--I should own stock in this company!) and a large basket which holds disposable paper and plastic ware for parties.

  I also have a long plastic box that holds rolls of gift wrap and gift bags.

 Here is the finished result. 

It feels so much better to get at least one area under control!   One down, about ninety-nine more to go.

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Jennifer said...

That is awesome! Love the idea of having an entertaining center ... you got me thinking, girl!