Friday, December 17, 2010

Countdown to Christmas -- Razzle Dazzled & Frazzled

I used to be done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving and could then concentrate for almost a month on decorating and  making the Christmas treats we enjoy eating and sharing with others.  That was when I was a stay-at-home mom.  Now that I work about 25 hours a week (and my kids have a lot of activities, social and otherwise), it seems that I'm always scurrying to get things done.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm an Accountant and the busiest time of the year is coming up in January ?!

This year, I'm even more behind than usual.   I just came back from  a five-day trip to Michigan (where it was very cold and snowy).

We moved my mom into a senior apartment.  It was actually kind of sentimental to spend some time with my mom and my siblings alone, without our own families there.  We even put up a Christmas tree and decorations, which really made Mom's new digs feel homey.

So today, I actually had some time to BREATHE; I added some razzle dazzle and finished decorating the mantel (finally).  My theme: White as Snow (reminds me of what Jesus did for me):

Vintage frame and bottle brush wreath

JOY reminds me: Jesus Others Yourself
Light of the World
King of Kings

Reindeer from Dollar Tree
I also have been planning what goodies I want to make.  I spent 2 hours (yep) looking for my son's favorite recipe--Pecan Pie Bars--that I made over Thanksgiving.  I finally was able to locate it online since my "filing system" these days includes a lot of laundry baskets and plastic bins!

I plan to feature a favorite treat each day for the next several days, so check back!

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