Friday, October 29, 2010

A Place for Everything...

I have been inspired by the The Nester's series called "31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest."  She has some great, realistic, do-able ideas to make home a haven.

One thing that has seriously helped me on a daily basis is this jewelry organizer than I got at Stein Mart for about $15.

This is a hanging organizer for jewelry (although I'm sure you can use it for many other things!) that is two-sided, with 33 pockets on each side!  This baby is amazing!  I use it to stash my necklaces and bracelets so that things don't get tangled up in a wad.  The three pockets on the bottom are larger than the others for oversized items.

One thing I love about this is that it holds almost every piece of jewelry I own and it takes up virtually no space.  I have limited drawer space in my bathroom dressing area, so it's nice that this organizer can hang from a door knob or closet rod.

The other organizer that has improved my home are these Ikea plastic storage bins called Krus.

These are available in 3 different depths and have 2 removeable dividers.  I use them for everything!  The large ones hold craft supplies (glue guns, glue sticks, rubber cement, etc.) and the more shallow ones fit neatly in drawers to hold pens and pencils, crayons, etc. or even toothpaste, makeup, and cotton balls in the bathroom.  These are kinda pricey but are indispensable to me!

One thing I have learned about organization is that I need to take baby area at a time so that I don't get overwhelmed.  Another thing I have learned is that having less stuff means I'll need fewer items to corral the clutter. 


Rene said...

You are so right. We probably all have more "stuff" than we need. Great ideas.


Vicki V said...

Yes, Rene, now if I can only walk to talk! :)