Monday, June 27, 2011

New Orleans--A Feast for the Senses

On our way back from Destin, we had to stop in New Orleans.  My husband and I were engaged at Brennan's Restaurant 25 years ago in August, and both of my children were born in New Orleans, so it holds a special place in my heart.

We were only there for 24 hours this time, but here's a sampling of our day:

Downtown New Orleans Skyline from the East

Lunch:  Mother's and the "Ferdi Special" Po-boy.
We also sampled crawfish etouffee', jambalaya, and bread pudding.  O.M.G.

Mississippi River Moonwalk (between Riverwalk and French Quarter)

"Old Man River" -- The Sculpture We Love to Hate

Watching the Beignet Assembly Line at Cafe' du Monde
Snack:  Creamy Pralines

A Little Street Theatre

Dinner: Catfish Pecan Meuniere at New Orleans Food & Spirits in Bucktown

Sunday Breakfast: Handmade beignets and cafe' au lait at
Morning Call in Fat City (Metairie)

Wow, what a feast for the senses!

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